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Pregnancy Massage Therapy Home Service is the perfect way for an expecting mother to relax in the comfort of your home or hotel room in Lagos, Nigeria. With caution and varying degrees of pressure, pregnancy (a.k.a.prenatal) massage targets specific areas of the body with the aim of relaxing and de-stressing a mother-to-be. Prenatal Massage helps to relieve pregnancy pains and aches.
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What is Pregnancy or Prenatal Massage?

Pregnancy massage is a type of therapy that is similar to regular massage. It is applied by a specialist to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, enhance blood circulation and mobility, and literally makes you feel good. But prenatal massage is especially customized to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Here at Massage Therapist and Spa, Nigeria, we have seasoned therapists who are especially trained in prenatal massage, and they know how to professionally adjust their techniques according to the needs of pregnant clients.

When you're pregnant, your centre of gravity changes and resultantly puts enormous stress on your back, shoulders, neck and abdominal muscles. Pregnancy also relaxes a woman's ligaments. This means that your pelvic joints become less stable, and it also changes your posture, as it pulls your pelvis forward. When you add it to the extra weight of the baby you're carrying inside, chances are that you may end up with an aching lower back and joints.

We're staffed with highly-trained prenatal massage therapists who know exactly where a pregnant woman's sore and swollen spots are likely to be and effectively administer massage in order provide some relief. We also know which massage techniques and body areas to avoid during pregnancy.

What are the Benefits of Pregnancy Massage?

Research on the therapeutic benefits of massage for pregnant women suggest that prenatal massage may:
  • lower stress levels and enhance mood
  • minimise prenatal anxiety and depression
  • lower the risk of pre-term birth and low birth weight in infants of women with prenatal depression
  • minimise swelling in the legs (after massaging the feet)

Getting a quality pregnancy massage has the capability to transport you to a more relaxed state of mind, which would resultantly help you to cope with all the other big changes that are happening in your life.

If you decide to get a prenatal massage, it's vital that you inform your massage therapist the particular areas of your body that need attention. And do not hesitate to let her know right away if anything she does or your position causes discomfort during the massage.

How Can I Find a Good Prenatal Massage Therapist in Lagos or Abuja?

Numerous hospitals, gynaecologists and friends of pregnant women in both Lagos and Abuja always recommend us. Our massage therapists are well-trained in pregnancy massage. So, be rest assured that you'd be in safe hands, when you entrust your massage in our hands.

Be advised that, under some circumstances, we may require clearance from your doctor or midwife before rendering pregnancy massage. So, ask us about that ahead of time, before you make your booking. Please, allow our pregnancy massage therapists to take care of you, once you get a massage prescription from your midwife or doctor for a medical reason like back pain. Whenever you're getting a massage therapy during pregnancy, do not forget to inform your therapist that you're pregnant before the session begins.

How Much Does a Prenatal Massage Cost in Lagos?

An hour-long session costs ₦25,000.00. See Book an Appointment for more details on our massage rates and pricing.

How do I Lie on a Massage Table When I'm Pregnant?

Right from the onset of pregnancy, you may feel uncomfortable whenever you lie face down, due to your tender, swollen breasts. And it is unsafe to allow a pregnant woman to lie face down on a traditional massage table, once her belly has started to bulge. You can safely lie on your side and use pillows, wedges, or a full-length body pillow for support. Sometimes our pregnancy massage therapists even use a special table or pad with hollowed areas and pillows to accommodate the woman's belly and breasts, to enable her to comfortably lie face down. If lying face down on a special prenatal massage table triggers stress of your lower back, we recommend that you try lying on your side or simply ask your therapist to help you find a comfortable position. And don't forget that it is a bad idea to lie flat on your back, especially when you're past midpregnancy. The reason is because the weight of your uterus exerts enormous stress on the vein that returns blood from your legs to your heart.

When is a Prenatal Massage Unsafe?

Having a prenatal massage may be risky in a few situations, such as if:
  • You have a blood clot or a bone fracture.
  • You have a skin injury or condition that could be exacerbated by rubbing. These include burns, open wounds, skin infections, or eczema.
  • You've experienced an allergic reaction to massage oils.

If you have concerns about whether it would be fine for you to have a pregnancy massage, ask your gynaecologist or midwife.

Or do you have any special requests you want to make before you book for pregnancy massage? No qualms - we're willing to help and we make deals work for our clients! We can actuallly customize the prenatal massage to suit your individual needs and preferences. Just contact us!!

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