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Warm Ayurvedic Oil Massage
Oil Massage Therapy
Oil Massage Therapy Home Service is the perfect way to relax in the comfort of your home or hotel room in Lagos, Nigeria. We're are an amazing spa and massage parlour that provides special oil massage for our happy clients. Our masseuses are highly-skilled in the art of oil massage therapy.

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What is Oil Massage?

Oil Massage actually means the art of stimulating the body tissues by hands with massage oil, so as to promote health and rejuvenate the entire body. Oil massage are designed to let the hands slide more easily during a massage session and generally it provides maximum relaxation for both the client's body and soul. The therapy is a wonderful way to relieve tension and stress that our bodies accumulate during the day.

Why Is Oil Massage Important?

The addition of warm oil to the experience of an oil massage can be blissfully-relaxing and wonderfully-comforting, as it rejuvenates the body and mind. Not only does it improve the client's relaxation; it also helps in healing processes. The smooth-gliding motion that massage oil generates nourishes the skin and helps to dissolve accumulated stress and toxins, resultantly promoting general, good health.

The Benefits of Oil Massage

  • Oil massage helps our clients to gain proper relaxation and rid themselves of the negative thoughts that trigger stress.
  • Warm Ayurvedic oil massage helps our clients to heal quickly and regain their spiritual and emotional balance.
  • One of the most prominnent benefits of an oil massage therapy is that it improves blood circulation, while at the same time helps to decrease blood pressure, which is a major factor for people who suffer from health issues related to high blood pressure.
  • Wonderfully, oil massage relaxes the body and helps the recipient to get a better night sleep for several days afterwards. Oil massage brings about spiritual and mental healing, and so, numerous clients have testified to having deeper and more restful sleep.
  • Oil massages increase and maintain the flexibility of the joints of the body. An effective body massage by our therapist will work all your muscles, joints and tissues, thereby improving athletic performances and facilitating an easier movement of your body.
  • Oil massage helps to prevent injuries and speeds up healing your body after an injury.
  • It helps the body to effectively get rid of toxins from organs, thereby promoting a better lifestyle and health.

Or do you have any special requests you want to make before you book for oil massage? No qualms - we're willing to help and we make deals work for you! We can actuallly customize the oil massage as per your needs and preferences. Simply contact us!!

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