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Erotic Body-to-Body Massage Therapy Mobile Services

Body to Body Massage
Erotic Body-to-Body Massage Therapy
Erotic Body to Body Massage Therapy Home Service with a Happy Ending is the quickest way to get to heaven in the comfort of your home or hotel room in Lagos. We are staffed with amazingly sexy massage therapists who have what it takes to deliver special care to our clients. This is the type of massage whereby our therapist skillfully uses her whole body to perform their duties. She would literally use her whole body to rub massage oil on you, as well as do the actual massage. That is why it is aptly called Erotic Body-to-Body massage. And we do not stop there - we bring the services to the comfort of your home or hotel room.

With only a light touch and some simple strokes, you can relax and sooth tense, strained muscles. A full body to body massage is also an effective way to reduce stress and increase circulation.

Which Therapist Will render the Body-to-Body Massage Service?

One of our friendly, young, beautiful, sexy and understandable Nigerian girls will take care of you. Trust us; our sexy, female therapists are highly-experienced in the art of delivering body-to-body massage that can transport you to Utopia :). But if you decide to choose a Nigerian male therapist, that's OK, they're equally great..

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A full body massage is generally practiced when the client would be completely draped with sheets on the massage table. And the client is asked to undress, as far as he/she can and still be comfortable. So, some clients prefer to be completely naked and some people choose to leave their underwear on. And our therapists know how to work with whatever the client is most comfortable with. Actually, it is a real essential factor that each is comfortable throughout the massage session. Then, basically the person's full body is entirely massaged, with the exception, of course, of the groin and breasts.

Or do you have any special requests you want to make before you book for oil massage? No qualms - we're willing to help and we make deals work for our clients! We can actuallly customize the massage as per your needs and preferences. Simply contact us!!

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