Massage Therapist's Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Commitment

Massage Therapist is a reputable Nigerian firm that demonstrates its commitment to our site's visitors' and clients' privacy, by providing this statement. The firm's Management does not hesitate to ensure your right to privacy. We are entirely committed to developing long lasting relationships with our customers and prospects that are solidly built on mutual trust. And is in total compliance of our company's universal privacy policy, and will never violate that trust.

What We Collect:

We sometimes collect names, email addresses, phone numbers, bank account details, physical contact addresses, and other personally-identifying data from our site's users. This is done only when there is need and with the visitor's' full consent. When you use our web form to send a message to us, we may collect your Internet Protocol (IP) address, including your Internet Service Provider (ISP), type of device used and the country from which the message originated.

When you contact us about booking a massage appointment with us, we'd require that make payments to us before service delivery. If you're not paying us cash, we may require your personal details that would facilitate the transaction. We would also need the location of the booked massage.

How We Use The Collected Data:

The collected data are used to better serve our current customers and prospective ones. As a matter of company policy, we totally respect the privacy of the people who voluntarily send us such necessary personally-identifying details. And we want to assur you that we do not use the data for any other reason, other than the purpose you sent it. We do not misuse, sell, rent, or lease the information sent to us.

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