The Meaning and Benefits of Body-to-Body Massage Home Service

Body-to-body Massage Lagos

Body-to-body massage home service is still relatively new to the Nigerian society. But increasing number of people are beginning to embrace it.

The Meaning of Body-to-Body Massage

Body to body massage is an erotic type of full body massage where a therapist uses her whole body to rub some form of slippery massage oil to that of the client, instead of using her hands alone. The client is usually asked to strip partially naked and will be handed a towel to cover his/her waist. But the client can optionally choose to be totally naked.

Since body to body massage is basically erotic in nature, the massage entails the stimulation of every part of the client’s body. Unlike other types of full body massage where the genitals and breasts are not touched, in body-to-body massage, that rule is not strict. But it is important to point out that body-to-body massage does not involve sexual intercourse. Whereas libido stimulation is the objective of this type of massage, groping or soliciting a therapist for sexual favors for extra money is not allowed in body-to-body massage.

At, body-to-body massage therapy is administered by one of our foreign and indigenous professionals, who are highly-trained and skilled in the art. The general idea is to achieve total relaxation, so that the client can achieve the restoration of his/her body, mind and spirit. It is proven that body to body massage has the capability to help you become conscious of your sensual energies. For some people, body massage helps to resurrect their lost libido.

The process of administering the body 2 body massage may vary slightly from masseuse to masseuse. In a mobile massage parlour where the rules are somewhat relaxed for body 2 body massage, you can even encounter some therapists who will tease you by brushing their private parts on yours, to arouse your sensual energies.

Will Body-to-Body Massage Mobile Service Lead to Sex?

It is important to understand the objective of this type of massage. It is not prostitution and normally will not eventually result to a sexual intercourse. Prostitution is illegal in Nigeria and we abide by that law. And it is wrong to assume that most people that go for body to body massage are usually looking for sex.

How Does Operate Massage Home Service?

At, we only offer mobile massage services, which means after you have booked for a session and paid us, a professional handler will bring a massage therapist to your home or hotel room. Depending on your preference, the therapist can be a Thai girl, or a Moroccan girl or a Nigerian girl. Generally, the handler would knock on your door, and beside him would be a smiling, friendly massage model carrying a bag containing towels and a rubber mat that looks like a mattress.

The purpose of a handler bringing the therapist is for security reasons. We take additional steps to ensure that our massage models are fully protected while on outcalls. It is also to ensure that both the client and his/her belongings are safe and secure. Before the handler allows the therapist to leave a client’s room, after a massage session, the client has to fully check and confirm that his/her belongings are complete. That way, no client can accuse our therapists afterwards of coming to their houses and stealing something. So, security and transparency form the backbone of our business concept!

Tantalizing body to body massage, also referred to as sensual massage can help you to relieve muscle tensions, get relief from headache and relieve your anxieties and stress, amongst other physical issues. Due to daily hassles, majority of people suffer from stress that affects their physical, mental and spiritual life, as well as their libido. But the good news is that you can now regain your well-being by booking for a body-to-body massage.

The Benefits of Body 2 Body Massage
The following are some of the many benefits that you stand to gain from body-2-body massage:

  • Improved Blood Circulation
    Regardless of the type of home service massage you choose to receive from us in either Lagos or Abuja, Nigeria, it would surely bring about an improved blood circulation. And as such, the same benefit applies to our body-to-body massage service.
  • Enhanced Libido
    Health conditions like erectile dysfunction as well as absence of orgasms can be effectively managed without necessarily taking over-the-counter medications, by getting a body-to-body massage. Given the fact that body massage brings about improved blood flow to the genital areas, you would be able to overcome any kind of sexual difficulty you may have been experiencing. Body-to-body massage in Lagos enables one to release certain essential body chemicals that are linked to libido.
  • Sleep Quality
    The number of people who suffer from insomnia has so much increased in recent years, due to increased pressure at home, work and school. As is the case with libido, better sleep can be achieved via the relaxation body-to-body massage brings to the table. Since the aim of erotic massage is to stimulate the body, mind and soul, your brain would be capable of shutting down negative physiological and psychological feelings, thereby enabling you to achieve total relaxation.
  • Improved Sexual Intimacy
    Body-to-body massage helps partners to gain improved sexual intimacy that lead to increased self-confidence.

If you’re searching for exclusive, executive mobile body-to-body massage services in either Lagos or Abuja, Nigeria, look no further. is your best option. We’re here to render unparalleled, secure service, brought directly to your home or hotel room.

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